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Hello my name is Sarena and I would like to welcome you to
The Elf and Toadstool, where kids, parents and teachers will find cool resources for reading, writing and illustrating.


Across the top of this page you will find lots of fun and interesting tabs to check out.

Like I said, I am Sarena, and I am the bookworm of the group so if you want to check out my favourite books go to Sarena’s Library.

Arrowen is the family artist who goes crazy over any kind of drawing tool…pens, pencils, paints and the latest in graphic programs. Wander through Arrowen’s Art Gallery under the elves tab.  His friends are ready to help you learn and grow your illustrating skills.

Liora is our super busy writing elf. She has friends and resources at Liora’s Writing Desk under the elves tab to guide you through the ups and downs of writing whether it’s your own personal journaling or what you know in your heart will be the next great children’s story.

All my elves and I are always on the lookout for new links and resources for writing and illustrating as well as fun books so we’d love to have you email us with your links and ideas you can do that under the contact tab.

You are probably wondering why some of the spelling of familiar words looks ‘wrong’. Well, they’re not wrong. Here in Canada we still use the original British spelling.

Some of the words I use may also be different from the ones that you use. If any word looks ‘funny’ check with a Thesaurus, it’s fun to learn new ones.

Like Sarena says “Learn Something New Everyday”